EP1 The Visitor Of The Light-1

Episode 1
“The Visitor of The Light”

On July 27, 1996, I landed in the city of Hakodate.
After about 17 hours on the limited express with sleeper cars, I was finally free from the long hour time. In front of the station, I opened my bike bag (a bag in which the bike parts I dismantled to make smaller, so I could take into the train) , and put the disassembled bike back together.
Although my long-cherished wish finally came true, I was not so impressed when I reached the land of Hokkaido.

Because the sky on the day was cloudy, and somehow I wondered if I really arrived in Hokkaido!”

Today’s schedule was about 30km from Hakodate. While I was looking at the map and checking it out, a  Charrider- man  happened to speak to me.

“Huh? Oh, hello.”

  I replied.  He looked a very friendly person.

“Where are you going??” He asked.
“I’m going to Onuma“  I replied.

My cycling plan today is 30km from here, and all I have to do is find a campsite on the map. I wanted to take it easy on the first day.
Onuma is where I stayed yesterday. One of the two campsites on that map is gone.”
He informed me about another campsite

“Also, there were some horseflies in Onuma yesterday and I got stung quite a lot, so you should bring insect repellent spray.”

Giving me the tip, he went away somewhere else.
I really didn’t like such a  Charrider’s upperclassman’s impertinent attitude, but in the book of the example “Cycle Guy”  It mentioned,  “Beware of Hokkaido horseflies and hornets. Don’t underestimate their attack in unit. I remembered that there was a description, so I decided to go buy some insect repellent spray.

I bought an insect repellent spray at a small store and took a break after running for a while.
Then the old Charrider -man spoke to me.

“You’re serious, I don’t see many people wearing helmets.”

That’s when I saw the helmet I was carrying in my bag. I thought, “Nosy.”
No matter how much you ride a bicycle, it’s very dangerous to ride downhill without a helmet, because I’ve done more than 70km/h before.
Then I parted ways with my second, thankful advisor.
Meantime I arrived at my destination, Onuma, thinking that there were a lot of familiar people of  Charrider s.

Vol.1 GROUND-01 Episode 1