EP2 Niseko Annupuri-1

Episode 2
Niseko Annupuri

The next morning I awoke comfortably. Before going to bed last night, I was a little worried that the streetlights would be too bright and that I couldn’t sleep, but it wasn’t the case.
I turned on the gas stove for breakfast and sat in a daze until the rice was cooked.

Then a young man, namely, a stranger spoke to me.

Presumably the person came here by hitchhiking from Osaka.
He gave me a copy of Makoto Shiina’spaperback
“I have finished reading this book, so I give it to you.”
and handed it to me without anything mentioned.

I was not interested in reading and didn’t want the book, but I felt it would be impolite to say “I don’t want it” so I received it.
(Sorry for fans of Makoto Shiina)

Even so, it was this Hokkaido that I got a feeling there could be some strange people.
(Well, I’m one of them, trying to go around a place like this alone on a bicycle.)

After breakfast, when I was preparing to leave, I saw people enjoying rowboats and canoes on the lake there.

“I envy them…”

Thinking of someday I would like to visit here for that purpose, I tried to put away the shirts I had washed and dried yesterday.


“Huh? What is this!!”

I parked my bike next to a streetlight, hung a washed shirt on the handlebars, and dried it all night, so the shirt was stained with some liquid like egg whites.

It looks like an egg or something was laid by an insect.

I hurriedly washed it with water and managed to get it clean, but somehow I didn’t feel like wearing it.
(After a few days, I think I turned it into a rag or threw it away.)

It seems like this kind of silly thing comes along with me.
(Of course it’s because I’m stupid.)

In the end, I left Onuma without ever encountering a horsefly.
(So the bug spray I bought on the recommendation of my grateful advisor didn’t help.)

Today’s schedule is OnumaOshamanbe, about 72km course.
It was supposed to be an easy victory, but I was exhausted more than I thought.

This time, unlike the Kii Peninsula touring when I was in the second year of a high school, I carried sunscreen cream when I was wearing short sleeves, but unfortunately it didn’t do much.

I arrived at Oshamambe around 3:00, but I was already exhausted.
After eating at a ramen shop, I went to a campsite, lightened my luggage, and went to a nearby hot spring.
Yesterday was a ryokan for tourists of a day trip, so I was a little hesitant, but today it’s a hot spring facility, so there are only people who want to take a hot spring, so I went without any hesitation.

When I was riding my bicycle on the national highway on the way back to the campsite, a little girl shouted me from the car.

“Go for it~!”and waved.

“Huh? Is she cheering about me?”
I doubted it for a moment, but it seems that there is no doubt about it.

At that time, even though I shouldn’t have any physical strength left, my speed suddenly increased and I waved back cheerfully.
In any case, I wanted to show the luggage that was originally loaded at the campsite and say, “Hey, I’m running with this much and heavy luggage!”

But as soon as the car left away, such a feeling disappeared, and the fatigue from just a moment ago returned.

I’ll relax at the campsite today…

Ahh, people are so simple
Rather than saying, men are simple~
Rather more than saying, I’m a simple-minded person~

Vol.1 GROUND-04 Episode 2