Prologue LONGING-3~Episode 0~


With that, the summer of my sophomore year of high school came to an end, and while I was thinking about going on to higher education, I started using the school library a lot.
 (I was just going)

And I found a book there.

It was a book titled “2,500 Kilometers of Cycle Guys” and was a compilation of a travel diary of a certain Charrider in Hokkaido.
It was a very interesting book for me, who didn’t understand why other charriders would bother to use the means of just suffering.

And as I read the book, I was gradually drawn into that world.
“This book isn’t meant to be shown to these school yankees. It would be happier if I had it!”
That’s how I decided to take the book without borrowing it.
(Sorry, but the book wasn’t properly maintained, so no one knew about it.)
That book was so precious to me that it made me do that.
Because there was something in the book that strongly moved my emotions.

The book had the following description:

~At that moment, I heard my own voice.
“Why am I doing this?”
“Why do I have to suffer like this?”
“I’m such a big idiot that I came all the way to the end of Japan to make myself suffer because I love this.”~

“Same as me…”

As I continued reading, I realized that the main character of the book was someone who, like me, had an interest in girls, but had no connection to them, and had traveled by bicycle.

I had a lot of things in common with the main character of the book, and eventually I got into the book and felt like I was in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido huh…”

If you’re a charrider, you’ll want to travel around Hokkaido once.
I thought I was going to stop cycling, but after reading the book, the spirit of Charrider was burning again.

“I want to go too”

However, the next one is different from the previous trip around the Kii Peninsula. I wondered if I could do it.
At that time, I opened the map to look back on the places I’ve run so far.
It was a blank map of Nara Prefecture, with the roads I had ridden on my bicycle up until now in red.
When I looked at it, I noticed that the map was traced in red so that there was no place to go in Nara Prefecture.

“…I see. I’ve been running this far too…”
When I saw that map, I could no longer give up on Hokkaido.

“I’ll go!! To Hokkaido.”

And that “longing” will never disappear and will continue to burn in my heart until it is fulfilled.


Vol.0 DREAM-3 Episode 0