EP5 The Broken Winged Swan-1

Episode 5
“The Broken Winged Swan”

On August 1, 1996, I left Muroran and headed for today’s destination, Tomakomai.

“I have a feeling at last that Cape Erimo is not far away…”

Four more days to reach Cape Erimo,
I had a little longing for Hyakunin Beach on Cape Erimo.

The longing comes from the content of the book, “Cycle Guy 2500 Kilometers”, and there will be the pleasure of a chance to pick up beautiful shells called butterfly shell at Hyakunin Beach.
(Looking at the photo, the butterfly shell was shaped like a butterfly with its wings spread out, and was a cute shell with a light pink color.)

In the description, Charrider, the main character of the book, sees the butterfly shell and remembers a classmate girl. But he pretends to be indifferent, although he secretly harbors a love feeling.

The fact is that the Charrider did not have the courage to give it as a gift, and ended with such love in his way..

I understand the feelings of such a shy and clumsy man painfully well, and I might have recognized the butterfly shell that I pictured in my head as something more beautiful than the actual butterfly shell.

For some reason, I was desperately getting such shells as expected.

That’s my good reason, “When I go to Hyakunin Beach, I’ll definitely pick up the shells there.” But the content of the book was described in 1981. (No wonder I thought it was too old. It’s from when I was 5 years old! ^_^;)

According to a recent travel guide, number of shellfish is decreasing year by year due to pollution in the sea.
It was my idea, “Even if I can’t pick it up at the beach, I want to get it at a souvenir shop and it costs me some money, though.”

Anyway, I was running along this road today thinking, “I want to go to Cape Erimo as soon as possible.”

Noboribetsu is about 20km east of Muroran.
I wasn’t particularly interested in the area, but since it was very famous for its hot spring place, so I decided to take a short detour to stop over.
Noboribetsu Onsen or Noboribetsu Hot Spring Site” is located about 10 km after entering the mountain road from National Route 36 along the coast.
I wanted to go to the hot spring area when I had time, but I would be surely tired if I would have enjoyed soaking in a hot spring in the morning, so I made it for the sightseeing only.

There was a tourist attracted spot called Jigokudani near Noboribetsu Onsen, so I took a look only there as well.
I thought that there was a good reason why such a name was given, but I was rarely moved by such a place of interest that has been said “It’s really a famous place for sightseeing.”

Actually the road was widened for sightseeing buses to pass through, and it  bustled with many tourists.
Rather than that, I was more often moved by the commonplace scenery without any name.
The attraction or the longing may diminish among the people in general from the place of interest as it has become so famous.

That’s how I felt when I saw Jigokudani.

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