EP4 Travelers in Muroran-3

Among the girls, there was one who was a little older than me, and she was from Osaka, and I, from Nara next to Osaka, felt strangely nostalgic for my Kansai dialect, so we got along quite well.
She was asking everyone if they would like to walk to Cape Chikyu tomorrow, but I was a little worried about whether I would be able to successfully complete the plan to go around Hokkaido, which had already been delayed by one day. So unfortunately I declined.

If it were now for me, I might still have participated. ^^;).

After the tour was over, two girls who were participating in it were playing table tennis with the tools left at the youth hostel.
I wanted to do it with them, but I couldn’t ask them to let me participate. (Ah, pathetic~^^;)

However, I thought that I was able to spend a good time on the day that I could never taste at the campsite.
The travelers seem to have something in common with each other.

The night of the fifth day after coming to Hokkaido was about to pass.
It’s about time I got accustomed to this place, but I felt like I’d already been here for a long time because I’d already had a lot of experiences.

“Anyway, today was really a good day. Someday I’ll stay at the youth hostel like this in a while and talk to everyone. Especially when I feel lonely…”

With that in mind, I slipped intoa futon, a Japanese traditional comforter.

“Oh! I can sleep under the futon today! It’s a blessing to me.”

The next morning, I woke up early, said goodbye to the people I had met at the youth hosteland headed to my next destination.

By the way, I secretly donated Makoto Shiina’s book to the bookshelf in a smallsalon for the guests to take a rest, the book given to me by a guy from Osaka whom I met in Onuma.
What a nice guy I am to present such a book… (It’s wrong. ^^;)

To be continued to Next Chapter

Vol.1 GROUND-12 Episode 3