EP2 Niseko Annupuri-3

By the time we reached Niseko Town, it was around 2:30pm.
I still have more time than I thought, so I decided to climb the mountains of Niseko as planned.

I struggled, but managed to climb the mountain before the sun set.
When I arrived near the campsite, there were foxes running around.

From the campground manager
“Be sure to close the tent completely when you leave the tent.”He said.
Because foxes steal into your tent and get for their food.
So when I went to Goshiki Onsen, which is right next to the campsite, I was worried about the foxes, and after carefully checking the tent, I left.

There are two ryokans in Goshiki Onsen, which is very close to the campsite, and I was at a loss as to which one to choose, but I chose the closer one because I thought either would be fine.

However, I didn’t expect that choosing a nearby hot spring at this time would lead to a little regret.
(I will explain it in a later chapter. It’s not a matte ^^;)

The wind was blowing hard that night.
As I was half-sleeping, a vague memory about seeing a shadow fox invading the tent next door of owner’s absence came out. It was projected toward my tent under the light of the streetlight.

I learned about a lesson that you should be careful about managing your belongings.^^;

The next morning, when I woke up, the laundry became dry thanks to the windy weather overnight .
(You can dry it with just the wind. I wonder if you have already learned about it?)
Luckily the fox didn’t seem to be interested in my dirty laundry.

Then, as usual, I had breakfast and left.
Here on top of the mountain. All I have to do now is to go downhill without my physical labor for a while. It’s exactly the most fun part of riding a bike.

“What a nice view.”

I got too excited and parked my bicycle.
Then, I took out the harmonica and its holder which I had brought with me, thinking that I would use it someday, and now played the harmonica while riding my bicycle.

(I got soon embarrassed and stopped at a road sideimmediately.)

The mountain showed me a beautiful view for a while.
Having still my reluctant feeling in some way, I began to be away from the mountain, Niseko Annupuri.

Vol.1 GROUND-06 Episode 2