EP2 Niseko Annupuri-2

When I arrived at Oshamambe, I pitched my tent where I could hear nearby the babbling of a stream and relaxed for a while.

As the sun went down, I lit a lantern and opened the map to plan my route for tomorrow.
The following day, it would be the first big mountain crossing after landing in Hokkaido.

I think I must run about the same distance tomorrow as I ran today, but it’s going to be over a mountain this time, so it won’t be easy.
Moreover, Not an ordinary mountain, it is called Niseko Annupuri and has an altitude of over 1000m.
And even in that book “Cycle Guy 2500 Kilometers”, the main character described a mountain that was struggling.
Can I climb the mountain without difficulty with this large luggage, I wonder?
I felt a little uneasy.
But for me, it’s the moment that is the happiest, a little exaggeration, isn’t it?

This is the moment when I look at the map and think about what kind of road I will take tomorrow and what I will do there.

 in the tent lit by a lantern

Even so, the campsite here in Oshamambe is well-equipped and comfortable.
(The toilet and kitchen are clean, and there is even a vending machine.)
Pitifully not even a single star can be seen in such a rich natural environment.
It was raining last night as well.
I want to see the sky full of stars from this land as soon as possible.
With that in mind, I fell asleep.

And the next morning, I woke up and started running, leaving the coastal road I had been on until now and heading into the mountains.
Naturally, it would be quicker to take the coastal road, but I chose the mountain road on purpose, even though I knew it would be a detour here.
Because I wanted to climb Niseko Annupuri by my own bicycle. About Niseko Annupuri, the book mentioned in detail.

I can’t predict the arrival time because I have to cross the mountains today.
Moreover, I had a bit of a struggle on the way to reach the mountain of Niseko Annupuri, and I was worried whether I would be able to reach the campsite at the top of the mountain before it gets dark.

When I arrived at Rankoshi, I suddenly realized that there were three huge mountains lined up in front of me in the distance, as if they were intimidating. .

“That’s Niseko Annupuri…I will climb that.

Vol.1 GROUND-05 Episode 2