EP4 Travelers in Muroran-2

“Although a little dirty and old, a friendly dog he is indeed.”
I got a feeling that the dog was cute and tried to pet him on the head.
Then the dog glared at me with a sharp look.
No, he probably didn’t stare at me, I didn’t have the courage to pat him in any way as the husky’s eyes were so scary.

I gave the dog a butter candy that I bought at a souvenir shop near Showa Shinzan during the day, however he didn’t try to eat it.
“Well, dogs don’t like sweets… But if you’re an abandoned dog, you should eat it.”
That’s what I thought, I decided to go back to the youth in a hurry.

As I started running, the dog followed me.

“Do you want to run with me?”

Understanding that, I climbed up the hill with the dog for a while.
I ran with good friends, but I’ve never run with new people. It was my first experienceof running together. Especially it’s the first dog I met here in Hokkaido.

Yet the dog was so old that I had to slow down until hecame to run at the same speed as mine.

When I climbed a hill to a certain point, it started to go downhill and the dog, that was slowly following me, couldn’t catch up with me more.When I finished the long downhill to look back, the dog looked very small.

“You don’t have to force yourself to come along. It was a fun running with you, then bye-bye.”

The dog at a distance seemed to give up following me, and I proceeded ahead.

When I came back near the youth hostel, I could see the sea.

The neon lights reflecting on the surface of the sea, and the city dyed red by the setting sun began to shine, creating a fantastic scenery.

“Wow! ! This is why there is the event called a night view tour… Looking forward to the night view tour after this”

For a while, I was fascinated by the fantastic, lonely scenery that reminded me of the past.

Muroran sunset

When I came back to the youth hostel, I was talking with a rider who was staying in the same room.

After that, when it came finally to the time for my long-awaited night view tour,I started walking with the participants.

As I looked at the participating members, I was glad to some extent that there were quite a lot of girls. Yes! I was so glad!

Of course, one of the main reasons whyI joined this tourwas to talk to girls. ^^;)
In addition, lately I haven’t talked to many people, so I was satisfied just being able to talk to both men and women.

Vol.1 GROUND-11 Episode 3