EP3 Very Nice Greetings-3

It was already about the brunch time when I went to the cafeteria.
I ate a yakiniku set meal, and for the time being, I ran to Showa Shinzan near the lake.

Mt. Showa Shinzan, enveloped in volcanic smoke, was impressive.
I parked my bicycle at a nearby souvenir shop and went inside.

Was it right after that? I heard a lot of people’s “Ah!” from behind me!

Exactly, I saw my bicycle falling down in a slow motion and making a sound of “Gashan!”.
Because the bicycle is loaded with heavy loads, it will fall over if the stand is not set up with a perfect balance.
While everyone was staring at me, I was embarrassed and hurriedly rebuilt the stand.
Even if the same thing happened in the city, no one would say “Ah!”
“Everyone is so kind,” I was impressed in a strange way.

After shopping for butter candies and other items at the souvenir shop near Showa Shinzan, I hurried ahead.
Then, we rejoined National Route 37, which is a coastal road.

When I was running on the national highway heading to Muroran, I passed by a lot of charriders and riders.

Perhaps because I’ve only run on maniac mountain roads so far, I haven’t had many opportunities to meet other Charriders and riders, so it felt fresh.
It was a fact that they almost always waved to each other as they pass by.
I realized that this is a common greeting for those who travel around Hokkaido on two wheels.

At first, I waved my hand clumsily, thinking, “Are you really waving this at me?”As I was greeted over and over like that, I gradually became more honest with myself.
And this time, I boldly waved at the rider who passed each other.
Then, the other side cheerfully waved back.

“How nice it feels”

It was the first time I had ever greeted someone so pleasantly.
How wonderful it is to greet strangers
This is unique to Hokkaido?
As I was thinking that, a rider passed me from behind.
The moment he gave me an action of pumping his fist in the air, he was shaking his legs.
I gave him backmy fist pump while smiling unconsciously.

Up until now, I had known nothing but painful journeys, and I was excited to find out that there were so many ways to enjoy traveling.

“Friends! Are you enjoying yourself? Let’s have a good trip together!”

With that in mind, I waved at the two-wheeled travelers passing by one after another.

After running for a while, I found an observatory near Muroran, so I climbed it and looked over the scenery.

“It’s a little more riding to Muroran. Let’s spend a little extravagance and stay at a youth hostel today.”

I was filled with joy of the greetings experience.

Vol.1 GROUND-09 Episode 3