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Episode 4
“Travelers in Muroran

The Muroran Youth Hostel, where I plan to stay today, was surely the last stop on his trip to Hokkaido in that book.(It comes up again and again ^^;)
As an event, the youth hostel there advises on every fine day the guests of enjoing a wonderful night view of Muroran city at the near spot about five minute walk.
I would like to participate in the event without fail. I’m sure there will be new encounters.

Because I haven’t had a chance to talk to people recently since I arrived at Hokkaido and I’ve been running only on mountain roads.
I thought it would be nice if I could talk to some persons there.
That’s what I thought as I was running on the road to Muroran Youth.
(In the meanwhile secretly hoping to meet a cute girl…^^;)

The event in which I would take part, I would like to describe later on.
Early evening, I got to the youth hostel in Muroran.
Since I hadn’t made a reservation for the stay, I was worried about ifthe room would be available for me, but I was able to check in without any problems.

Since there was still a few hours until the night view tour would start, I decided to go see Cape Chikyu, which is about 5km away from the youth.
I left my luggage at the youth hostel, so it wasn’t too bad, yet as expected, there were quite a few ups and downs, and even the 5km course was quite tough.

When I arrived at Cape Chikyu, it was already evening and a little dark, but there was a parking lot large enough to accommodate a sightseeing bus, and there were many visitors, so I had a little hassle of taking pictures.
By the way, “Cape Chikyu” means the cape of the Earth.

When I climbed up the observatory of Cape Chikyu, I saw a couple ringing the Bell of Happiness together.

When I saw it, I grumbled in my heart, “If you don’t rely on this kind of bell, youwon’t be able to find happiness? Hey.” (Actually, I felt just jealous. ^^;)

Then, making it sure that there were no people around, I secretly rang the bell,

and I looked at the scenery from Cape Chikyu again as if nothing hadhappened.

“What a nice view…”
(Actually, I was pretending to be overreacting. ^^;)

As reputed, they say“Cape Chikyu”, when I stood there, I could see the sea spreading all over, like drawing an outline of the hemisphere and as if itcould bea part ofthe round Earth. (But if it were a hemisphere of the Earth, I wondered it would be a much smaller Earth than the fact.).

Enjoying the view of Cape Chikyu to the fullest, it was about to get dark, so I decided to go back to the youth hostel.
On the way back, the ups and downs continued.

I was a little tired and slowed down.

When I was tired of running the continuous up slopes, an old Siberian husky suddenlycame out from behind the side of the mountain.
It is too dirty for a domestic dog, it may be a dog that was originally kept has become a stray dog.
(This is my opinion that there are many people who keep animals on a whim and throw them away later when they are no longer cute.)
The dog came to my side and fawned on me.

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