EP3 Very Nice Greetings-1

Episode 3 
” Very Nice Greetings”

7/30 Today, I plan to go from Niseko across Lake Toya to the city of Muroran.
However, as with yesterday, it took a lot longer time today than running on the flat land because it was all mountain road riding.

Moreover, it would have been more efficient to go down the same road leading to the mountains of Niseko, but I didn’t want to take it as I came to Hokkaido all the way from Nara, so I made a detour without hesitation intentionally. 

It was a mistake to run between the gigantic Niseko Annupuri and the huge Mt. Yotei. As a result, I lost much more time than planned.
And it was already past at 4:00 pm when I finally crossed the neighboring town, Makkari Village, entered Rusutsu Village, and joined Route 230, which leads to Lake Toya.
(By the way, Makkari Village is where Takashi Hosokawa is from.)

At this point, half of today’s schedule was notfulfilled.In case it would be impossible to go to Muroran, the destination, today, I had to decide to postpone all the planned courses by one day.

“Well, even if I lose a day, I have three extra days, so it’s okay.”
I was worried about it a little, even if I thought of the thing perhaps occurred.^^;

By the way, the schedule is as follows.
Avoiding my daily overwork, I decided that it would be within 100km a day, and set three spare 3 days to catch up my original plan.
(The schedule table is long, so please skip it.^^;))

7/26 Osaka 17:45 departure
7/27 Hakodate (arrival at 11:35) → Onuma
 (Forest Park campsite) about 28km
7/28 OnumaOshamambe
 (Oshamambe Park Campground) approx. 72km
7/29 OshamambeNiseko
(Niseko campsite) approx. 80km
7/30 NisekoMuroran
 (youth, camping out?) Approx. 105km
7/31 MuroranTomakomai
 (Tokiwa Campsite) approx. 78km
8/1 TomakomaiLake Shikotsu
 (Poropinai Campsite) approx. 57km
8/2 Lake ShikotsuLake OkotanpeYubari
(Yellow Handkerchief Square Campsite of Happiness) Approx. 110km
8/3 YubariNiikappu
(Hankankan Forest Park Campsite) approx. 113km
8/4 NiikappuHyakuninhama
(Hyakuninhama campground) approx. 110km
8/5 Hyakuninhama Obihiro
(IwanaiSenkyo Campsite) about 100km
8/6 ObihiroLake Kanayama
(Lake Kanayama campground) approx. 120km
8/7 Lake KanayamaFurano <Goro’s House>
(Torinuma Campsite) approx.
8/8 FuranoAsahikawa
(Taima Dam Campsite) approx. 78km
8/9 AsahikawaSounkyo
 (Sounkyo campsite) approx. 41km
8/10 SounkyoLake Shikaribetsu
(Lake Shikaribetsu National Campsite) approx. 80km
8/11 Lake Shikaribetsu Nature Center
 (Lake Shikaribetsu National Campground) 0km
8/12 ShikaribetsuAshoro
(Satomigaoka campsite) approx. 70km
8/13 AshoroLake Akan
 (Lake Akan campground) about 50km
8/14 Lake AkanLake MashuLake Kussharo
(Wakoto Peninsula campsite) approx. 85km
8/15 Lake KussharoKushiro
(Toro Motomura Campsite) about 65 km
8/16 KushiroKushiro
(Kitoga campsite) approx. 43km
8/17 KushiroHamanaka
(Kiritappu Cape Campsite) about 85km
8/18 HamanakaNosappu
(Makinouchi Campsite, Nemuro City) approx. 114km
8/19 NemuroShibetsu Town
(Odainuma Youth Travel Campsite) approx.80km
8/20 Shibetsu TownShiretoko
 (National Shiretoko Campsite) approx. 90km
8/21 ShiretokoAbashiri
(Abashiri Lake View Campsite) approx. 85km
8/22 AbashiriLake Saroma
(Sanrihama Campsite) approx. 90km
8/23 Lake SaromaOkoppe
About 70km
8/24 OkoppeHamatonbetsu
(Lake Kutcharo campground) approx. 103km
8/25 HamatonbetsuWakkanai
(Wakkanai Forest Park Campground) approx. 90km
8/26 Wakkanai Rishiri, Rebun IslandKabuto-numa
(Kabuto-numa campground) about 30km
8/27 Kabuto-numaBifuka-cho
(Bifuka station, homeless?) Approx. 127km
8/28 BifukaAsahikawa
(Toma Town Sports Garden Campground) approx. 90km
8/29 AsahikawaTakigawa
(Takikawa Nature House Campsite) approx. 95km
8/30 Takikawa→Sapporo
 (NishiokaShizen no Mura campsite) approx. 110km
8/31Spare day
9/1 Spare day
9/2 Spare day
9/3 SapporoOtaru
 (KatsunaiRinkai Park) approx. 40km
 → Depart Otaru at 23:30
9/4 Arrive at Tsuruga 20:30 → Return home

Please note that this itinerary is a route that was made under the influence of the book, “Cycle Guy 2500 km”, so I definitely wanted to go to the places that Charrider, the main character of the book, visited. Most of the places the person has visited are scheduled.
Even though it’s around Hokkaido, I felt it actually much longer than my assumption.
(It’s a luxurious trip ^^;)

Let’s get back to talking.
It’s fine to revise today’s schedule into two days, but I was worried if there could be a  change of campsite near my changed destination like today.
But anyway, the first priority was to think about escaping from this mountain road.

When I entered Rusutsu village and ran along the mountain road of National Route 230, I finally saw Lake Toya.

I parked my bike, thinking, “It’s a strange lake.”
A mountain with a strange shape stands in the middle of the lake.
I could see the lake from this mountain where I was.

For now, let’s run to that lake today,” I rode my bike again.”

By the time we finally arrived at Lake Toya, it was already past about the dinner time.
I bought a bento at a convenience store and ate it in front of the lake while looking at the map for a while, trying to find the campground for today.

Looking at the map, there are 5 campsites around Lake Toya, and in order to reach the next destination as efficiently as possible, I headed for the closest campsite, Chinkojima Campsite, and started running again.

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