EP1 The Visitor Of The Light-2

When I arrived at Onuma, as the young man said earlier, there was no campsite on the map.
Then I arrived at the campsite about which the person told me earlier.
It was a little lonely place. But the scenery is nice facing to the lake and luckily it was just right before for me.

Arriving at the campsite while it was still daylight, and since I had nothing to do
In particular, I decided to go around Lake Onuma.
I was a little worried, I left my luggage at the campsite.
I don’t remember if it was while I was running or when, but before I knew it, the sun had set and the area was getting dark.

Then I enjoyed fireworks in the dark going off on the other side of Lake Onuma.

“Oh~, I get a pleasant feeling now they are welcoming me in dark and my visit to Hokkaido~ (maybe not ^^;).  I’d like to take a closer look.”

At the time I got to the point where the fireworks were going off, I suddenly remembered an urgent business and went into the phone booth to call a man.

“Hello, Shingo? You know~ I didn’t know G’s blood type after all~”

Because Shingo and I were playing a game to guess the blood type of our friends who are in the same university, and without knowing the blood type of the last two, G and TShingo and I were on hold. . (It was the two of us who had been playing such a silly game since then.)

“That’s right, T didn’t know either. Well, that’s okay, this match will be carried over to the new semester. By the way, where are you now?”
“Did you want to say it to me seriously all the way from Hokkaido ? By the way, are the fireworks going off right behind you? It’s so loud!”
“Oh, fireworks, yeah, it’s noisy, so that’s it again…”
I said and hung up. The stupid conversation was over.

After finishing my routine work, I enjoyed the fireworks once again, I ran my bike to return to the campsite.
On the way, thankfully there was a Ryokan where I can take a day trip bath, so I took a bath there and then returned to the campsite.
Tired a little, I lit a lantern in my tent.

“Is it going out to use this lantern…?”

“Coming to think of it, I had this lantern lit in my room last year…”

Vol.1 GROUND-02 Episode 1