EP1 The Visitor Of The Light-3

I decided to travel to Hokkaido when I was in my second year of a senior high school.
I was definitely thinking of going there next (3rd year high school) summer.
However, my parents didn’t allow me to go on a trip for a month because I wanted to go on to higher education.
If so, I thought I should go to university, but unfortunately, I didn’t pass the university that year.
My trip to Hokkaido was postponed for another year because I had to attend a prep school for a year.

The story of the summer when I was a prep school student…

I bought a lantern (for lighting) and a gas stove (for heating) to use in the tent to comfort my feeling in expectation that I really want to go to Hokkaido enjoying lighting the lanterns in my room. (Of course, to enjoy the atmosphere I turned off the lights in the room and made it the pitch black.)

“Amazing!! How bright is this!?”

I was impressed by the brightness of the light, which had only been as bright as a flashlight on previous trips.
I foolishly tried to brag about it, so I called my friend N, who likes to travel by motorcycle.
“Hello, I am ZERO. May I talk to N?” I asked N’s older brother. And he replied
N went to Hokkaido yesterday, so he won’t be back for a month.”
My body stiffened when I heard that.
“That guy! He went to Hokkaido before me.”
Until just a moment ago, I was enjoying the lanterns in my room, but suddenly I felt miserable.
“While I’m doing this, he’s sleeping in the embrace of the land of Hokkaido right now~!! Damn~!!”
Because of that, I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this time to be in Hokkaido.

And now I’m finally going to sleep on the land I have longed for.
I remembered a little about last year, but I turned off the lantern to go to sleep soon, made the inside of the tent, and went into my sleeping bag.



I noticed that the outside light was coming in through a small hole in the wall of the tent.

“Oh my tent is torn.”

Although it was only 2 to 3 mm, outside light was coming in through the torn part of the tent.
I touched it to check how bad it was torn.

At that moment, the small light fell to the floor and there was a popping sound.

“Huh? No way!!
A torn hole fell down!?
It’s impossible!!!”

I thought so for a moment.
However, when I looked closely at the light that fell on the floor, it was a single firefly.

I don’t know when she entered, but a single firefly was quietly glowing inside the tent.

On the first night after arriving in Hokkaido, a small visitor of light, “Firefly”, appeared.

The firefly made it very romantic!!

Having had a valuable experience from the first night, I fell asleep with high expectations for the upcoming trip.

Vol.1 GROUND-03 Episode 1