EP3 Very Nice Greetings-2

On the way to that campsite, I found another campsite.
It’s an auto campground,(A campsite that can be entered by car) there are a lot of family campers and the facilities are well equipped, but I came to know that the usage fee was  higher, so I passed by.

When I arrived near at the destination, Chinkojima Campsite, there was no campsite there.
It must have disappeared for some reason.

Reluctantly, I decided to head for the campsite further ahead.
However, when I arrived there, there was in a strangely dark air and lonely aura.
“If I do this, it’s better to go to the auto campground to return, even if the usage fee is high.”
I decided to go back to the campsite I discovered about 10km ago.

It’s because I didn’t like being in a lonely place today.

When I arrived at the auto campsite, I was charged 1000 yen for the usage fee even though it was a bicycle.
“Huh? 1,000 yen?”
I thought, but it was still better than the lonely place just now.
(For an average Charrider, the price for one night at the campsite is about 300 yen. Hokkaido is especially reasonable.)

As I pitched my tent, there were family campers everywhere, and it was lively.
Sometimes I think it’s “noisy” or “annoying” to stay in such a place.I set up my tent, thinking that I was a selfish person who came here because I was so lonely.

But it’s true that I’m selfish, but human beings themselves may be selfish creatures ^^;).

I was sweating, so I decided to use the shower at the campsite.
(By the way, the shower there costed me 100 yen for 5 minutes.)
“Alright! At this time, I’ll make full use of the facilities here!”
That’s what I thought, so I decided to use the coin laundry.

But both were full of customers.

“You family campers just stay for one or two nights, so you don’t have to wash and shower here, you can do them at home!Give priority to our long-stay Charriders! ”
That’s what I thought, but I obediently waited until both of them were available.

After that, I threw the laundry that I had finished washing at the laundromat into the dryer.

By the time I finished washing and showering, it was already past midnight.
“Wow! It’s already this time!?”
“Well, I’m just going to Muroran tomorrow, so it’s fine to stay up late.”Thinking of it I went to sleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, it was 7:00.
“Well, today’s course is for the distance about 50km to Muroran. Let’s sleep a little longer…”I thought, and then I slept again

Then I woke up, it was 10:45! ! !
“Oh no!”
I hurriedly went out of the tent to put it away, and found that most of the tents were gone in the campsite that had been so lively until yesterday.


Even more flustered, I left the place in a hurry.

Vol.1 GROUND-08 Episode 3