Vol.1 GROUND-01~Episode 1~

Episode 1
“The Visitor Of The Light”

On July 27, 1996, I landed in the city of Hakodate.
After about 17 hours on the sleeper limited express, I was finally freed from my spare time hell. In front of the station, I opened my bike bag (a bag that I dismantled and made smaller so I could take the train) and put the disassembled bike back together.
Although my long-cherished wish finally came true, I was not so impressed when I reached the land of Hokkaido.

Because the sky that day was cloudy, and somehow it didn’t make me think, “I’ve arrived in Hokkaido!”
Today’s schedule is about 30km from Hakodate. When I was looking at the map and checking it out, a Charider- man spoke to me.
“Huh? Oh, hello.”
He’s a very friendly person. I answered while thinking that I was suddenly talking to a stranger.
“Where are you going??”
“I’m going to Onuma
I replied. Today’s cycling schedule is 30km, and all I have to do is find a campsite on the map. I wanted to take it easy on the first day.
Onuma is where I stayed yesterday. One of the two campsites on that map is gone.”
He told me another campsite.
“Also, there was a horsefly in Onuma yesterday and I got stung quite a lot, so you should bring insect repellent spray.”
he advised me, and he go somewhere else.
I really didn’t like Charider’s upperclassman’s sloppy attitude, but in the book of the example “Cycle Guy” I think it said, “Beware of Hokkaido horseflies and hornets. Don’t underestimate their unity. I remembered that there was a description that said, so I decided to go buy some insect repellent spray.
I bought an insect repellent spray at a small store and took a break after running for a while. Then the old Charider -man spoke to me.
“You’re serious, I don’t see many people wearing helmets.”
That’s when I saw the helmet I was carrying in my bag. I thought, “Nosy.”
No matter how much you ride a bicycle, it’s very dangerous to ride downhill without a helmet, because I’ve done more than 70km/h before.
Then I parted ways with my second, thankful advisor.
Even so, I arrived at my destination, Onuma, thinking that there were a lot of familiar people.

Vol.1 FIELD-01 Episode 1