In the morning, yesterday’s woman Charrider came to wake me up.

“Are you up?” she opened my tent.
I was already awake at that time, but I was surprised when she suddenly opened my tent.
I was pretty half-asleep, so I couldn’t even say goodbye.
She woke me up and headed straight for Sapporo.

After fully waking up, I regretted not properly saying goodbye to her,

“Well, it can’t be helped.”

Then I finished breakfast and prepared to leave.

I plan to go to Yubari today, but before that, I took a detour to see Lake Okotampe, a small lake right next to Lake Shikotsu
It was quite an uphill and it was tough. Moreover, the surrounding area was covered with thick fog.

“I might not be able to see the lake in this kind of fog…”

With that in mind, I arrived at the lake.

I couldn’t see anything, as I expected.

“… What is my effort to climb this hill with so much trouble…”

It was a pity that Lake Okotampe didn’t show up to me, but I was satisfied with the fact that I visited the place, and started running towards today’s destination, Yubari.

The mountain road heading west from Lake Shikotsu is a shortcut to Yubari.I proceeded to the entrance to the mountain road.

But what happened?
The road was closed and impassable.

I stood dazed in front of the sign for a while.

“Oh,My God!…”
I never thought the roads on the map would be closed.
“If I can’t go to Yubari today, it will be even later than planned…”

I was a little hesitant, but I thought of a plan from there.

And although I had to make a detour a little more, I decided to take a two-stage route, going north once and then heading west.

However, going north from there means going to Sapporo.
The Charrider woman I met yesterday headed to Sapporo early this morning.
The distance from there to Yubari is more than 60 km.

“It might be impossible to get to Yubari today…”

I thought, but I decided to run as much as I could anyway.

By the time we crossed the mountain road leading to Sapporo, the fog had cleared and bright sunlight was pouring down.
It was just before noon at that point, so I decided to have lunch.
When I was eating a lunch box from a convenience store in the park, I saw an old lady passing by on the street in front of me, calling out to me from afar.
“Where are you from?”She asked.
Then”I’m from Nara,” I replied.

After hearing that, the woman passed by without entering the park.
She was probably a local, and I thought the locals seemed to have just greeted a passing traveler.
No matter how trivial it was, it was still a pleasure to be talked to.

Vol.2 RUN-07 Episode 7