EP6 The Brave Woman Charrider-2

When I heard the story and remembered it, Hyakuninhama, which had been nothing but a “bright” or “youthful” image for me, it turned to a slightly scary existence.

I thought, “Even people who continue such wild trips are surprisingly vulnerable or susceptible to such scary stories…”.

By the way, I’m also the type who doesn’t like the occult or horror movies at all.

I have never seen spirits and I don’t want to see them, but I don’t deny their existence.

However just because of that, I think it’s a little pitiful to gossip about spirits as “only scary”. Because the spirit was originally a normal human…
I thought so while listening to the story.
Then one of the persons in the group who was talking to the scary talker said,

“Is that so? I stayed at the Hyakuninhama campsite, but nothing took place there.”

He denied the suggestions that you’d betteravoid staying on that beach.

Hearing that, I was able to fall asleep with some peace of mind.

After all, I slept early last night, so when I woke up the next morning, I felt very fine.

It’s not that far from Tomakomai to Cape Erimo, and even if you’re on a bicycle, you can get there in two days, but I dared to set a route that would force me to go back.
Because I wanted to go to Yubari and Lake Shikotsu as soon as possible. (Look at the map to see how useless the road is)

Therefore, today’s course must head to Lake Shikotsu, which is the opposite direction to Cape Erimo.
I set the distance beforeso that it would not be unreasonable because I calculated on already forriding the mountain road.

But the mountain road to Lake Shikotsu was quite tough.
When I was about to see Lake Shikotsu, there was a place like a park, so I decided to have lunch there.

I turned on the gas stove and boiled water. Today’s lunch was sadly instant noodle of the cup ramen.
Moreover, I was fired up on this day, in addition, a flashy Charrider style. The appearance of eating cup ramen with such a figure was a little uncool.

“Well, it’s okay since no one is watching…”

While I was eating, a group of junior high school-aged boys suddenly appeared.
I was embarrassed under the circumstances, so I ate it stealthily, trying not to face them as much as possible.

After a while, I heard them making noise.

“Oh! It’s dangerous! I was surprised~!”

I heard that

“What? It’s noisy~ Don’t disturb my lunch time!  Even though I don’t want to be seen eating like this situation in any way. Seriously! …”

When I was thinking that, I heard the sound of flying insect “buzzing” from a side.

Vol.2 RUN-04 Episode 6