EP6 The Brave Woman Charrider-1

Today’s destination, the campground, was about 20km from Lake Utonai.
The campsite had toilets, a kitchen, and other facilities necessary for camping.
(Sometimes there aren’t even toilets.)

“Today’s campsite is almost flat, so there’s no need to go out of my way to choose a flat place.”

After setting up my tent, I still had some time before the sun went down, so I ran toward a nearby hot spring.
I can wash away my sweat and recover from fatigue, so the combination of Charrider and hot springs is a good match. In particular, Hokkaido has a lot of hot springs, so it is very helpful.

I paid 400 yen to enter a place called Tsurunoyu hot spring.
When I washed my body and soaked in the hot water, a man who was there talked to me.(Maybe an old man rather than a man)
He was from Kyoto, and I had acomfortable conversation with him coming from Nara, the same Kansai region.
When I got out of the bath and started getting dressed, a young rider who was about to take a bath spoke to me.

“Are you a Charrider? How long can you run on a bicycle in a day?”
he asked me.
“I load my belongings, so it would be nice if I could run 100km.”
I answered him, then
“Wow, even if you say that, you can run that much… It’s amazing~”
He admired it.According to him, the daily distance on a motorcycle is about 3.5 times longer, or about 350km.

Well, setting aside such a conversation, I was somewhat hesitant and bashful to talk with someone I met for the first time while being naked. ^^)

When I returned to the campsite after taking a bath and shopping, I suddenly felt tired.
Just when I was having dinner, a person staying at the campsite asked me, “Would you like to have dinner with us, my fellows?”And then I participated.

I didn’t have many chances to get along with other people at the campsite, so I was pleased, but I was really tired that day, and I couldn’t overcome the sleepiness that attacked me. I decided to sayonly a hallo to the group and immediately left it for sleeping.

I went back to my tent and got into my sleeping bag, but somehow I couldn’t fall asleep right away.

Outside the tent, I could still hear people talking.
I spent some time in my sleeping bag listening to their stories.

Listening to the content…
“Because bears can run at 60km/h, if a bear will chase you on a narrow mountain road in Hokkaido, even a motorcycle won’t be able to escape.”
That’s what it means.

“What!? Then I’m more dangerous as a Charrider!”
As I listened in my sleeping bag, I came to get a little worried.
Hearing more…

“You shouldn’t stay at the Hyakuninhama campsite. After all, it’s the beach where 100 drowned corpses landed.”

“What!? Seriously? That’s the campground I’m planning to stay in four days later!!” I felt scared.
Coming to think of it, I vaguely remembered that the book contained such content.
that was…

“There was a tragic history of 100 people drowning there during the cultivation period. “

Vol.2 RUN-03 Episode 6