EP6 The Brave Woman Charrider-3

while eating I……

I thought, “What? A large insect?” I looked over there and saw a giant wasp approaching right in front of me.

I hurriedly escaped it, but at the same time spilled the soup of the cup ramen on my knee. (And curry noodles)

“Hahaha,” I heard the boys laugh.Actually they saw my actions.
They laughed out loud.
“You shouldn’t be laughing,” It was my intention, but in silence. They accepted it very comic.

I was troubled about spilling the cup ramen soup, but thanks to the scary insect, I had agood chance to talk to them.
When I talked to them, I found them very innocent local boys.

I asked them to show me the way and started running again.

When I was running on the national road, two riders passed each other and took the pose of “M” of Youngman’s “YMCA”.
I was too embarrassed to return that pose, so I waved to raise my hand back.

When I arrived at a place called Poropinai on Lake Shikotsu, I realized that it was a very cold day today.
The area was covered in fog, and even though it was summer, it was cold enough to wear short sleeves.

I went to a vending machine over there to warm myself up a bit.
However, all the hot drinks in the vending machines there were sold out.

“Tut, tut, does everyone think the same idea to get something hot…?”

Accidentally there was a young rider guy right next to me, so I went to talk to him.

He was also from Kansai (Shiga Prefecture).
We were talking about “It’s still cold, isn’t it?”
Since I landed here in Hokkaido, there haven’t been many sunny days yet.
He told me that in the farther north some people, who ride motorcycles,did wear only T-shirts.
Anyway, I was not very happy that there had been many days with bad weather.

After parting ways with him, I ran to a nearby campsite.

However, there weren’t many people, but many crows were singing eerily.

I thought it was kind of a bad atmosphere.
“Coming to think of it, they said last night that there were rumors of the occult here in Lake Shikotsu.”
My friend N, who went to Hokkaido before me last year, also knew about such rumors and didn’t stay here.

Well, I knew there was such a thing in Lake Shikotsu, but I hadn’t heard where it was on Lake Shikotsu, so I didn’t care.
Besides, the atmosphere wasn’t bad so that I didn’t want to change the place, and I went to the reception to apply for an overnight stay here.

However, there was no place that looked like a reception, and I recognized a poor desk and chairs at the end of the campsite, where two old men were sitting on those chairs.

“Is this reception? I feel more and more uneasy…” while thinking so

“Um, I’d like to stay here…”I said. And then.

“Huh? Are you going to stay?It’s …OK…” they replied.

I was a little perplexed by this response.
What is “Huh? Are you staying?” It is natural to stay here at a campsite!  I thought.

What does it mean? I wonder if that occult story is true? …

I was a little concerned, but I put up my tent anyway.

Vol.2 RUN-05 Episode 6