EP6 The Brave Woman Charrider-4

At the back is the kitchen.

After pitching the tent, I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Then, there was a girl who looked the same age as me, or even younger, brushing her teeth.

“Oh good.”
Anyhow, there weresome people, so I felt relieved. While I was washing the dishes, shespoked to me.

“Are you traveling alone by bicycle?”
Then I started talking to her.
When I heard a story from her, she was one year older than I.She seemed to be traveling alone by bicycle just like me.
(Moreover, most of her overnight lodging where she stayedwere inher tent ^^;)
She was a small woman and had asuntan.
“She’s a young, and she’s brave indeed,” I thought.

I asked her about this occult rumor in Lake Shikotsu to surprise her a little.
“Did you know that there were quite a few people who committed suicide here, and in fact there werekind of rumors?”

“Oh, I know. There is a rumor that “Shikotsu”can be written phonetically in another Chinese characters as “a dead bone” (Lake of dead bones).”
she replied lightly.

Oh my God. The person knew this and came here alone to set up a tent.

“As expected, it is simply not a female Charrider who is just dressed up. Because even my friend, who is a man, was afraid of such rumors and didn’t visit here.
Moreover, she was tanned without worrying about sex appeal. She’s not quite the spoiled young lady. “

And I felt that such a bold woman was a little attractive.

By meeting that person, my “fear of this lake” that I had a little while ago disappeared.

It was the first time I came to Hokkaido and talked for a while with the Charrider, so I enjoyed that moment.

I wanted to run with her tomorrow, even if only for a short distance, but she’s going to Sapporo tomorrow, and I would go to Yubari. Since the direction was completely different, I couldn’t run together.
Anyway, I wanted to continue talking with her as long as possible.

She didn’t plan at all before where to go and how many days to stay.
During the trip, if someone told her that “that place is a good place”, she would head there, and if she felt that she couldn’t go there within the time limit, she would take an available train to save the time.

“What a free traveler!”  I thought.

I didn’t have the luxury of such a free trip because I would feel uneasy if I didn’t do my best to complete the daily schedule.
I admired her, saying, “She’s such a bravewoman…”.
I heard that she was leaving early tomorrow morning, so I depended on her favor a little with some reason or another.

“Please wake me up when we’re leaving,” I begged, then went back to my tent.

Thanks to talking with a nice woman, I was able to sleep peacefully that night without worrying about rumors of this lake.

Vol.2 RUN-06 Episode 6