SAYONARA Former Nara Prison

On October 27th, I went to the “Nara Correction Exhibition” for the last full release of the former Nara Prison.
This was really the last open day as renovations to the hotel will start in November.

The building is made of red bricks and has an exotic atmosphere.
Very large site, but inefficient structure.

Especially inefficient is the containment building, which is built at 45 degree intervals radially from the center.

“Huh? If they were built side by side normally, wouldn’t they be able to use the space more effectively?”
The triangular garden between the buildings seems inconvenient.
Also, the amount of sunlight varies depending on the building, so the growth of the plants in the garden seems to be uneven.

It is a structure that seems to be

However, once I entered the building, I could see why this was an inefficient structure.

This is because a single guard from a central lookout can monitor all building corridors.

I see, well thought out.

Since it was built in the Meiji era, there were no convenient surveillance cameras like there are today, so it was monitored that way.
(Prisoners don’t necessarily run away from the corridors, but at least if there is a problem between prisoners in the corridor, they can quickly find out.)

It was a very impressive building.
By the way, when I left this building, I borrowed a guest toilet, but for some reason it was a temporary toilet.

“Huh? Are we treated less than prisoners?”

I thought, but it can’t be helped because it’s just before the renovation work.

It’s a little lonely to renovate this building, but I want it to be reborn as a stylish hotel.

That said, the main renovation is to maintain the current state as much as possible, connecting several cells into one room, so it doesn’t mean that it will be reborn as something completely different.

And Hoshino Resorts and MUJI will enter there, so I think it will definitely be reborn as a stylish hotel.

I want to go see it again at that time.

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