Prologue LONGING-2~Episode 0~

When I entered high school, I finally bought my bicycle for cycling with the money I earned from my part-time job.
It was a mountain bike that cost over 100,000 yen. (Now that I think why did I buy such an expensive bicycle?)
And that part-time job was mail delivery. And it was also by bicycle.(^_^;)

After getting my own bicycle, I went from Tsukigase village in the north to Odaigahara in the south in Nara Prefecture.
(Now Tsukigase Village merged to become Nara City.)
And outside Nara Prefecture, I went to Osaka Airport.
Most of them ran with another Charider.
(Charider means cyclist. Cyclists are often called Chariders especially in Hokkaido. )

Then, when I was in my second year of high school, I went on a trip around the Kii Peninsula.
It was my first time to travel alone by bicycle while staying overnight.
However, that trip was the first time that made me think, “I want to quit cycling.”
Because it was a tough trip that can’t be compared to now.

The biggest reason for this is that I was not accustomed to traveling by bicycle in the first place.
In short, the trip up to that point was at most a day trip, and the luggage was light.
However, when I went around the Kii Peninsula, I equipped the rear carrier of the bicycle with side bags, a tent and sleeping bag inside, and a backpack on my back.
With such heavy equipment, the more the running time increased, the more fatigue I expected.
Another reason why the trip was harsh was the “sunshine”.
I was an idiot for only wearing short sleeves just because it was summer.
Both exposed arms were red and swollen as if they had been burned.
Only two days after my departure, I felt pain even in the sunlight.
And on the way back, even the skin under the skin that was peeled off was swollen and turned into a painful figure.
Quite frankly, it wasn’t a pleasant trip. I was thinking about this most of the time when I was cycling.

“How many kilometers to my destination?”
“Seriously, climbing and descending…
How many more slopes are there like this?
 It’s a nuisance!If you want me to climb up, don’t let me down!!
Don’t let me do anything useless!!”
“Why do I have to suffer alone like this!?
What an idiot I am To do something like this yourself… ”
“Even though everyone else is having a good time this summer right now!!”

And so on in my heart.
I think I was still complaining, but I won’t say it anymore because it makes me miserable.
Anyway, it ended with a trip that made me think, “I’ll never do this again!”
After this trip, I seriously thought about it.
I wonder what the other Charriders are having fun and having such a painful experience.
I wondered if he just wanted to brag about having ridden a long distance like I did.

Vol.0 LONGING-2 Episode 0