Prologue LONGING-1~Episode 0~


When I was a junior high school student, I had a wonderful ability to study so that I was ranked in the bottom 10 or less in my class.
So I always wanted to do something different.
Then one of the things I started doing at that time was going far away on my bicycle.
But I don’t even know why I chose it.

Actually, I think anything was fine. (^_^;)

Until then, I had been riding my bicycle a little farther, but one day, for the first time, I went to Nara, a city next to Koriyama, where I live.(2 stations by train, distance is about 10km.)

That made me too happy.

Because I usually have to get off the train and walk, but that day I was able to park my bicycle in front of the store directly and I was able to pass the walking people there on my bicycle.

Anyway, there was a combination of ‘me and my bicycle’ that never existed in a place that until then could only be reached by train.

It’s a small thing, but I remember being very moved. (I had a pure heart then, and of course I still do…?)

I wonder if that was the trigger, since then I’ve had the joy of going far by bicycle and the desire to brag about it, and I’ve been aiming for even farther, and my interest for bicycle trips has escalated.
(But when I actually boasted about it to someone, I got a cold reaction like “Why are you doing this? It’s only exhausting” (^_^;) )

Vol.0 LONGING-1 Episode 0